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November 15, 2006 part 1 – Goodbye Electronics and Roommates

Leaving day! I woke up early, ate breakfast, and then realized that despite a few weeks of packing, I still had more stuff to send home than suitcase space. I still had one moving box available, so I speed packed it and took it to the post office with The Penpal. We also stopped at Hard Off to sell any electronics I had left: my stereo, my computer, and my giant monitor that I had bought from Hard Off. Yes, they were going to get a chance to sell the same monitor twice!

I returned to the apartment for one last check of my room. The only remaining items were all big and bulky, including my well worn futons and my floor couch. Disposing of large items in Japan requires you to pay for a special pickup. I left some cash behind with my roommates to cover the costs, and then said by goodbyes.

In my entire time in Japan, I was lucky enough to have some really great roommates that I got along well with. I’m really going to miss Azeroth and Klaxman – they are both good guys. It was sad to leave my keys behind and walk out of Ooka City Plaza for the last time.

(2018 Update) It turns out that I gave my roommates way too much money for garbage disposal. They used the remaining funds to buy a Nintendo Wii.

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August 3, 2005 – Apartment hunting

After work I hit the internet to do some serious apartment hunting. It has been good living with other teachers, but I really need my own place. I have never had a place of my own, and would like to take some time off from roommates.

I am looking in and around Numazu. My apartment will likely be very small and expensive, but it will be all mine! I have been saving up to pay the exorbitant fees required to get an apartment – a few months rent in advance, a landlord fee, and key money, which is just straight up profit. I will also need to get some of my own appliances. This plan will pretty much guarantee that I will be sticking around in Japan longer.

My goal is to move out in August or September.

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