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August 7, 2005 – Pianos and parties

In the afternoon I went to hear The Penpal play the piano at her annual recital. I went to the same recital last year, although this time I didn’t get stuck in a car with her father. The Penpal played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata flawlessly. It is amazing to hear how talented she is!

In the evening I went to yet another farewell party (that’s two in two days for those keeping track), that started at an izakaya in Numazu, and finished with too many people jammed into a NOVA apartment at 3:00am.

Most of the NOVA teachers in the area have apartments in one building near the north side of Numazu station. My roommates and I are the exception – our building is about a 15 minute walk east from the south side of Numazu station. I was not familiar with the route back, but fortunately Azeroth was with me and he knew how to walk (stumble) back without getting lost.

With farewell parties on Saturday and Sunday evening, I am very happy with my new Sunday / Monday days off.

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