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August 29, 2006 – Bike ride in humidity

The main themes running through my summer are teacher shortages at my branch and the insane humidity. Today I got to experience both of those things! Hooray!

Tuesday is usually a less busy day at NOVA, but today we only had 3 teachers on the evening shift, which is about 3-4 people short of fully staffed. This meant that during our dinner breaks only 2 teachers were available to teach lessons. I ended up doing Voice (the open conversation room) 4 times! Fortunately I had some chatty students, so the 160 minutes I spent in the room were not just an extended staring contest.

The humidity was so bad today that the 4km round trip bike ride to and from work actually made me feel crappy. Japanese summer humidity is NOT for Canadians.

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August 13, 2005 – Too f**king hot

Too hot to sleep. TOO HOT.

Japanese summer is THE WORST.

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August 11, 2005 – Way too hot

It has been WAY too hot recently. The humidity is usually in the 70-90% range, which makes it feel like I am living in a sauna. My apartment has one wall mounted air conditioner unit, which is on the opposite side of the suite. The AC unit is next to Palmer’s room. He shuts it off at night because it is “too noisy”. Even if it was on, the cold air would need to come all the way across the apartment and down the hall to my room.

I have to sleep with my window open to the outside and my door open, which really destroys the idea of privacy in my room. My only relief is a small oscillating fan, which efficiently moves the hot air around, cooking me like a convection oven.


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