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February 23, 2005 – Me? Cooking!?

Numazu - river

I did some exploring on my bike today and took some new pictures. I love being able to get around town!

Also, for the first time in a long time, I did a proper grocery shopping at Seiyu. I am usually pretty lazy about preparing food, so I thought that having some ingredients in the house would make me more likely to cook something at home instead of just eating out like usual.

There is a basket on the front of my bike, but it wasn’t nearly big enough for the amount of food that I bought. Balancing shopping bags on a bicycle while riding on narrow streets is not easy (or safe). Thankfully, Seiyu is not very far from my apartment.


After finding space to put away my food, I cooked for myself for about the first time in 3 months. It was a nice change from my regular diet of convenience store bentos and izakaya food. Hopefully I can keep this up.

(2015 Update) Nope!

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October 19, 2003 – Bob Sapp Time


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Nothing sucks more than a bad cold on your day off. I stayed home and watched a whole bunch of TV and finally saw Bob Sapp in a fight. Man that guy is huge!!! He lost by DQ when he slugged a guy who was on the mat under kickboxing rules. For those who don`t know, Bob Sapp is a former NFL player who came to Japan and became famous in K-1 and Pride.

In the evening I went out grocery shopping with Lux, the other Canadian in Hello House East. Lux refuses to speak any Japanese, but somehow gets away with it. She also loves smiling and waving at unsuspecting Japanese men making them blush. Shopping with Lux is never dull.

2013 Update

For a few years, Bob Sapp was one of the biggest gaijin talents in Japan. He was literally everywhere – train ads, commercials, fights, variety shows, everywhere. Part of the appeal is that Bob Sapp is like a human cartoon character. He is happy to switch from “the beast” to a big smiling, dancing goofball. As a fighter he was not great if you could avoid his giant flailing punches. As a moneymaking entertainer he ruled Japan for a few years and was well aware that he had a limited shelf life. It was fun to live in Japan during Bob Sapp time.

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