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April 5, 2004 – Walking to Yokohama

Hey look - the sign is in romaji! I hope you know what a ryokuchi, koenjimusho, bijutsukan, kagakukan and minkaen are.

Hey look – the sign is in romaji! I hope you know what a ryokuchi, koenjimusho, bijutsukan, kagakukan and minkaen are.

Bouken day (adventure!). My new floor couch was delivered in the morning. I had to use Japanese on the phone when the delivery people called. This sounds impressive, but I basically just said “hai” about 6 times until they hung up and delivered the couch.

After a nice nap, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a walk. I started with a 15 minute walk to the cool park near my place. Upon climbing a really large hill, I found there was an exit on the other side. So I kept walking through this really cool residential area with big houses on a hill. Residential areas are like mazes here, and I was lucky to find my way out the other side after much walking. By this point, I decided to head back home, but I didn`t really know how to get back the way I came. I found a road sign, and started following it. However, the road back had no walking path. So I made a useless 30 minute circle around the area, and started walking towards one of the other stations listed on the sign.

Just after the 2 hour point in my walk, I pass a sign which says I am now in Yokohama city limits. After many more wrong turns and cutting through another park I found a bus route and decided to walk along side it to the next station. Finally about 3 hours after I started, I found Azamino station, which is on the Den-En-Toshi line and the Yokohama subway. I took Den-En-Toshi to connect with the Nanbu line and then returned to Noborito. It took me about 20 minutes to get home by train!

I estimate I walked about 10km in total, possibly more, so I rewarded myself with some Wendy’s. Random walks in huge cities can be fun.

(2014 Update) – According to Google Maps, I walked at least 7.5km, but probably more due to the unexpected loop I made.

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March 16, 2004 – Where the f**k is the immigration office?

Today’s plan was to go to the immigration office near Shinyurigaoka station to extend my Working Holiday Visa. In case you haven’t been following along, I couldn’t get a full working visa due to a delay in my official graduation (thanks for nothing University of Manitoba). In order to get to Japan, I obtained a Working Holiday Visa which allows me to live and work in Japan for up to one year. For some reason it is offered in 6 month periods, so to stay for a year I need to renew after 6 months.

Instead of getting up bright and early like intended, I kept setting my alarm ahead. After sleeping in for an extra few hours, I pried myself out of bed, threw on some clothes, scarfed down some Frosted Flakes and hopped on a train. Upon reaching Shinyurigaoka station, I realized that I had been given bad directions (a recurring theme). I wandered around for about half and hour, and even went into the wrong government building. Finally I decided to give up and returned home to get a better map and some good natured abuse from the people I live with.

Song of the day is U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name.

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