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June 15, 2005 – Breaking up fights, round 2

A few weeks ago I had a kids class where I had to physically restrain one of the students to keep him from beating up another student. I often have some issues with my kids classes, so I don’t think people really understood how crazy the situation was when I tried to explain it.

It happened again today, in full view of parents and staff. The student was upset for some reason, and totally flipped out, trying to attack another student (again). The staff and parents couldn’t get him to calm down or leave the classroom. I ended up doing my best to work with the other kids on the other side of the room.

I would have preferred if nothing like that would ever happen again, but at least this way other people witnessed the situation and hopefully something can be done.

I love teaching English in Japan, but would probably enjoy the job more if I could just teach adults. Teaching kids is a great learning experience, but not always in a good way!

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