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July 24, 2005 – Celebrating 11 days in a row

Today was the end of my stretch of 11 days of work in a row after my vacation! I survived!

After work I went with some other teachers for “a beer” at the nearby izakaya. While we were there we decided to have some sushi, which required “a few beers”. The Sunday late shift joined us at the izakaya, which lead to “a few more beers”.

At this point, we decided to hop on a train towards Numazu and go for “just an hour” of karaoke. You can probably imagine how that turned out. At some times we had 15 people in our room, and we only showed up with 8. I love celebrating in Japan!!

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June 12, 2004 – Kiosk!

After work I had some Kiosk beers with co-workers. Going for a beer or two at Kiosk at Kawasaki station is becoming a regular event for some of the teachers. It is a great way to unwind after a shift, and watching all of the people in the station is never boring.

I like Kiosk!

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