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July 14, 2005 – Back to work, schedule changes

My vacation is now officially over, and I was back to work today. I agreed to work a shift swap to help out another teacher, which means that I will be working the next 11 days in a row. It’s going to suck.

However, I also got some good news about work. I learned that as of August 1st, I will be transferred to NOVA’s Numazu branch. This will save me some time getting to and from work. Getting to Mishima NOVA doesn’t take me very long now, but I will be able to get to work in less than 10 minutes by bicycle with no train ride required.

More importantly, my days off are changing to the rare but extremely popular Sunday / Monday. This means that I will be able to spend time with The Penpal on the weekends without begging for a shift swap! The bad news is that 4 of my 5 shifts are late shifts, including continuing my streak of late Saturdays. It’s still a small price to pay for Sunday / Monday off.

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