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June 19, 2005 – Team teach

I teach several group kids classes, and one of my classes is a problem. Fortunately NOVA sent out an experienced kids teacher to do a team teach with me today. I got to see what a class should look like, and learned a few new techniques for classroom management. They have asked me to try out the new techniques next week and see if I can manage on my own, and if not they will try to reassign the class.

School teachers back home often get training days where they learn new techniques and exchange ideas. I think that would be a great idea in the conversational English school world as well. However, teachers in training are not teaching lessons, which means they are not making money for the school. Given that teachers usually stay for a year and then return home, I can understand why they don’t invest more time in training, although as a teacher it would be really great if they did!

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