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January 11, 2004 – Revenge of Channel Kitano

Channel Kitano was on again, which is good because absolutely nobody believed me when I told them about it.

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January 10, 2004 – Is Channel Kitano even legal?

After work I went for a few beverages at the nearby izakaya. When I got home I wasn’t quite tired enough to go to sleep, so I decided to watch some late night TV. After flipping through the channels, I came across a variety program called “Channel Kitano”. In the segment I watched there was a female reporter walking around Tokyo talking to women with large breasts. The reporter asked for permission to touch and then PROCEEDED TO GROPE THE RANDOM WOMAN’S CHEST! This is usually how porn starts!

Many of the women that were approached instantly said no, and some ran away when they saw the camera coming. A few brave souls returned to the studio for an interview after their initial groping. At the studio there was an in depth interview, apparently about having large breasts. The interview would usually involve the reporter continuing to grab the woman’s breasts while saying “sugoi”, which means “great” in Japanese.

Channel Kitano was, by far, the most unusual thing I have ever seen on TV. Considering that some of the girls were only 16, I don’t know how this would be legal in other countries. Wow.

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