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March 15, 2004 – Vanilla Ice wants to talk to the manager NOW

I went to Western Union to send some money home. The only Western Union in Tokyo is in Nihonbashi, which is about a 45 minute trip from Noborito. The office was really busy – I had to wait about an hour from the time I got there. There was some American guy who was REALLY angry about something, arguing with the manager very loudly. Notable about this was:

  • He spoke really great Japanese
  • He looked like Vanilla Ice

Vanilla had a problem, but Yo, he didn’t solve it. The Western Union manager rocked the mic like a vandal, lit up the office and waxed a chump (Vanilla) like a candle. Seeing this reminded me that I would like to work in retail about as much as I would like to watch Cool as Ice.

After Western Union I headed over to Ueno park, which is centrally located and huge. Usually a “park” in Japan is a bench and a few trees. Ueno Park is actually big, and features many benches and lots of trees. It is also the home of a zoo, several museums, and a cool pond where you can rent a boat and paddle around. I watched some live performers, talked to some friendly people (who all asked if I was American), and took a bunch of pictures. Ueno Park is a must see for anyone coming to Tokyo.

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