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April 7, 2005 – Flu or bad pub food? Also, Wrestlemania

Not sure if I am fighting a flu or just ate some bad pub food last night, but I felt like death today and was not able to teach. I spent the day sleeping, trying to calm my stomach, and watching Wrestlemania 21.

Wrestlemania is usually a good show, and this year was no exception. The Money in the Bank match was an exciting stunt show, and Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels was simply fantastic. The downside was a “sumo match” between Akebono and The Big Show.

Akebono is a household name in Japan. Born Chad Rowan, he moved to Japan to compete in the professional sumo ranks. He was very successful in sumo, largely due to his massive size. After nearly 8 years as a Yokozuna, injuries caught up with him and forced his retirement. A failed restaurant left him in debt, so he became an (unsuccessful) MMA fighter to make some money. Even though his best days are behind him, he is still well known and easily recognizable in Japan.

I have no idea what the WWE thought they were going to gain by staging a fake sumo match between Akebono and the Big Show. Sumo is not popular in America, Akebono is largely unknown, and the match itself was not very interesting. It really didn’t make much sense at all.

Also, The Big Show in a sumo thong didn’t do a whole lot to settle my stomach!

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December 31, 2003 – New Year’s Karaoke

Bob Sapp vs. Akebono, NYE 2003

Happy New Year!!

New Year’s Eve was a lot of fun. I was worried because most of my tentative New Year`s plans fell apart at the last minute. Fortunately I was able to join a group of Hello House people and friends on their way to O’Carolan’s Pub in Jiyugaoka. We got to the pub just in time for the big Bob Sapp vs. Akebono fight. I have written about Bob Sapp before, but Akebono was a retired sumo champion who had a little trouble with the transition to MMA. Sapp won quickly and then challenged Mike Tyson to a fight. We had beer and did the big New Year’s countdown, but it just wasn’t the same away from home.

After O’Carolan’s we went to a karaoke place in Musashi-Kosugi. Our group got a private karaoke room that rated your singing at the end of each song. My “Daydream Believer” got a whopping 78 points, which left me in first place until Katsuragi racked up just over 80 points on the last song of the night. Stupid Katsuragi!

Overall it was a fun New Year and I ended up getting home around 3:30am. 

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