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April 6, 2006 – Farewell to my parents

Today was my parents’ last day in Japan. Even though their hotel was within throwing distance of Numazu station, The Penpal’s father had insisted on driving us to Mishima station to save us bringing large suitcases on the short train ride from Numazu to Mishima.

My parents said their goodbyes to The Penpal’s parents, and then to their future daughter in law. My mother and The Penpal’s mother had become good friends in the short time together, despite their language barrier. The Penpal’s father actually looked a bit emotional when we walked into the station. I’m very happy that the families get along so well! There’s a long way to go before The Penpal and I get married, and it’s nice to have the support of two families who seem to like each other.

We took the shinkansen from Mishima to Tokyo, ate an early dinner at the station, and then took the Narita Express to the airport. On the train ride, my parents gave me a handful of unspent yen as a gift. It also saved them changing it back into dollars when they got home. I got them checked in at the airport, and watched them go down the escalator into the international departure area. It had been a fun visit and I was sad to see them go. I was also unsure when I was going to see them again as I was considering whether I wanted to leave Japan at the end of the year or stay longer.

On the way home I stopped in Akihabara and used the money from my parents to buy myself and Ipod Nano to replace my broken down and obsolete portable CD player. Thanks mom and dad!

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January 11, 2006 part 3 – Akihabara and farewells

Disclaimer – this story is about a friend nicknamed UPS. This story is no relation to United Parcel Services.

UPS and I finally got out of the Capsule hotel, clean, fed, and still hungover. We needed to be at the airport by 3:00, which left a few hours to visit Akihabara, one of the last places on UPS’s Japan wish list.

I have been to Akihabara several times before, but it’s always interesting to return and see new things. UPS wanted to visit the duty free shops, which I had generally avoided to date. There are some good deals to be found on export ready electronics if you have your passport on hand and are prepared to shop around. Akihabara Duty Free shops are also one of the few places in Japan where it is acceptable to haggle.

After a few hours of exploring duty free, comic, and porn stores, we stopped for Italian food. Yes, UPS’s last meal in Japan was pasta. During lunch we discussed some of our favourite fuzzy memories from UPS’s short trip, along with some of his upcoming plans for his 4 months in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

We also talked about The Penpal, and how UPS thought she was pretty cool. We discussed whether or not she would ever move to Canada with me when I decided to stop teaching English. I really hope she will consider it.

UPS and I had an adventure free trip to the airport, and after watching him go through security, I started my long train trip back to Numazu. I was looking forward to catching up on my sleep!

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