September 30, 2004 – Beer and Food Factory

Today was Phoala’s last day at NOVA. He is returning to Australia in the near future. To celebrate, most of the teachers went out after work to a place called “Beer and Food Factory” in Kamata. You can get 1200 yen all you can drink if you order one or two small food items from the menu. As you can imagine, the English teachers took full advantage of this offer.

Like many parties in Japan, there was a second party afterwards. Since I had to work the next day, I decided to be responsible and go home instead of pulling an all-nighter. I somehow managed to find the station, return to Kawasaki, and then catch the last Nanbu line train back to Noborito.

(2014 Update) The last train out of somewhere like Shibuya is usually lively and crowded, full of energetic young people. The last Nanbu line train leaving Kawasaki is full of business people (and English teachers) who look like they are already regretting their choices for the evening.

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