Day 5 – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, or Why Japan is Awesome

One of the many reasons why I love Japan!

the travels of three

Just to fill you in, Rowan’s getting-ready-for-bed ritual includes locating and arranging her cuddlies on her bed. Grover: check. Cat Bus (the latest addition to the family, courtesy of our Ghibli Museum visit): check. Bear Bear: … Bear Bear: … Bear Bear: oh-oh…

Rowan: I can’t find Bear Bear!

Linda: Isn’t she in Daddy’s [Crumpler] bag?

Ian: No, Rowan didn’t give her to me today.

Linda: I assumed, when I didn’t see Bear Bear with Rowan, that she’d handed her to you to carry.

Ian: No…

Rowan: <<anguished cry>>

We realised that Bear Bear, Rowan’s most beloved cuddly, had been left on a train in a city with 35 million people.

Ian, fortunately, came across the JR (Japan Rail) Information Line for foreign tourists – it was closed for the night but would reopen at 10am the next day. With many assurances from us that we would ring the number…

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